Quick DIY Gift Idea: Teacup Candles

Ok!  Its getting close to Christmas.  Really close.  Don’t worry you don’t have to give everyone left on your list Olive Garden gift cards yet.  You can make a few teacup candles for those people left on your list.  They are a meaningful handmade gift that won’t at all look like you had no clue what to buy.  These candles are easy to make (you can easily make a bunch in an afternoon), and you can get all of the supplies here in Temple.  2nd Street Emporium has a ton of cute cups, and Hobby Lobby has all of the candle gear (wicks, wax, fragrance, and color!!).

blue tea cup

Here are a few links to some tutorials, and a few of my favorite cups from 2nd Street.  Happy Crafting!!!

Plain Teacup Candle Instructions

Colorful Teacup candle Instructions

More Teacup Ideas

camp cup gold rim cup grey and green cups red tea cup small cups