Its the Most Decorative Time of the Year

Have you ever sat down and really thought of the amount of decorating involved in Christmas celebrations every year.  Think about it!  Its seriously a lot of decorating.  You have the Christmas tchotchkes that decorate your mantle and your end tables.  You pull a big ol’ Christmas Tree into your house, then you decorate it!  You hang a wreath on you door, string lights around your roof line, bake gingerbread cookies, and then (you guessed it!!) you decorate them.  And that’s just the regular stuff.  Some of us decorate our children, cars, pets, casseroles, and a so many things its impossible to wrap your mind around it.  Well, that is an exaggeration, but my point stands.  This is definitely the most decorative time of the year.


What better way to decorate your house, tree, desk at work, or even your rear view mirror than with a little vintage Christmas charm.  Vintage Christmas stuff not only represents the holiday we are all busy celebrating, but conjures those warm nostalgic feelings too!

vintage stockings

These are a few of my favorite Christmas items at 2nd Street Emporium.  I think I have proven that it is hard to overdecorate at Christmas!  So come grab a thing or two to spruce up your decor!

ornaments 2 ornaments tree stand tree topper