Steal This Look: Vintage Newspaper Wallpaper


When I went into 2nd Street Emporium yesterday, I got excited when I saw this stack of newspapers.  Now, even if you aren’t a history buff, vintage newspapers are a cool look into the past.  These are especially cool because they are local.  Its interesting to see how much things cost, how people dressed, and what was important to people in a completely different time.

newspaper stack


Looking through the paper is fun, but you probably don’t need a stack sitting at home.  Once you have gone through them a few times, you will probably never touch them again.  Using the papers as wallpaper is a great way to preserve the interest of the paper in a way that is stylish, and it doesn’t clutter your coffee table.  I’ve seen a lot of people using vintage books and newspaper as an inexpensive way to wallpaper an accent wall.  Below are a few examples of newsprint wallpaper from around the web.


img src: 1, 2, 3