Vintage Kitchen Collectables


We all use bowls, plates, cups, and mugs.  They are kinda boring objects in our day to day lives.  Use, wash, repeat.  I have found that it really makes a huge difference when making your house feel more like your own to replace everyday items with things you find extraordinary.   This tiny change can transform boring moments into a time to enjoy a little luxury.  I love mixing up pancake batter Sunday mornings in my big white pyrex bowl, drinking coffee from my nerdy 1970s smiley face mug, and setting the table with my kitschy mushroom napkins.  These little luxuries aren’t expensive, and they make a big impact on my day to day life.

kitchen collectables

2nd Street Emporium has so many items to cheer up your day to day.  My favorite is obviously retro kitchen collectibles.  I could fill this post with pictures of my retro collections, but I have really bad light in my dining room and toward the back of my kitchen where I display my pyrex, so I will spare you a series of cave like photos and share this inspiration with you instead.  The following photos are a few awesome retro kitchen collections I found around the web.  Not only are they wonderfully bright, but the items are fun to use when you are cooking or entertaining. 

kitchen collectables inspirationimg src: 1, 2, 3, 4