2nd Street Emporium is Whimsical


Framed butterflies at a whimsical, eclectic look to your decor.  They are bright, but earthy, and a all around pretty.  So get those images of the 1960s in a kitschy not so modern kind of way out of your head.  Framed butterflies can have a place in even the most modern home.  Here is an example of some great double framed butterflies that look a lot like the one below.

butterfly 2

Like any framed art, you can change the frame to fit the decor of your home.  Carefully dissemble the frame and remove the butterfly and add it to a frame of your choosing.  Here are some simple step by step directions for customizing your butterfly art.

butterfly collage

As you can see, 2nd Street Emporium has a broad selection of butterflies in the shop now.  So come by and check it out, and add a touch of whimsy to your house.

butterfly 4