Organization Ideas

This time of year, a lot of us find ourselves doing a little spring cleaning. I know that my husband and I have already made multiple trips to goodwill to drop off the things we don’t need anymore that had been cluttering up our closets, drawers, and cabinets. Sometimes, getting rid of things isn’t the challenge though. Organizing what is left can be tricky. These are some unique storage and organization pieces here in the shop that may be helpful to those of you organizing or reorganizing your space.

One trick that I have found especially helpful is ‘storage in plain sight’. You don’t always have to cram all of your little items into a drawer, closet, or cabinet. A well organized, and uniquely displayed collection (ie: dishes, napkins, towels, or even craft supplies) can add interest and character to a room. Try neatly folding your napkins and placing them into a wire basket like the one below. You can put this basket on a shelf on your hutch or on your buffet. It looks organized, and it clears up that valuable drawer/cabinet real estate your napkins were taking up before.

basket cabinet jars

Here is another tip. Make a designated mail/bill station in your house. Bills, catalogs, old cards, and letters, have this mysterious ability to congregate in unexpected areas. An unfortunate corner of the kitchen counter, a table by the entry way, the middle of the kitchen table. It doesn’t matter. Once the mail picks a spot, it seems like it is always going to end up there whether you like it or not. I have found that making a special spot just for the mail really helps keep it out of the way. A great solution is to create a hanging display where you can clip your pretty cards, and hang the bills that you need to remember to mail (out of sight out of mind.. and you don’t want that to happen). The grate below would serve as an awesome mail station!


plate rack stuff suit cases tool boxes