2nd Street Emporium is Ready For Spring


Spring cleaning, spring break, spring gardening, spring fever. It’s just around the corner. Less than a month away if you can believe it! I guess Texas isn’t exactly what you would refer to as a four season state, but we do recognize the brief stint between Winter and Summer.  Well, at least symbolically. I always find myself eyeing flowers at the Home Depot this time of year, and planting some petunias in the flower beds. This year though, lets bring spring inside. 2nd Street Emporium has a wide variety of vintage planters. They would be perfect for growing succulents, or ivy in your home. Don’t worry, if you don’t  exactly have a green thumb. This website has information about plants that are actually hard to kill!

And here are a few blogs with photographs to help inspire you to bring plants inside:

Vintage Planters: potting tips

Vintage Planters: Pretty photos of planters complete with plants




pink planters


various planters