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Have you ever wished that it was you in old photos of your grandmother?  Or maybe you want to take photos of your children that are really unique, charming, and sentimental?  Now you can!  AND it is easier than you think!  Vintage and analog photograpthy has become more popular and accessible over the last few years with the rise of companies like Lomography.  There are many places online you can order specialty film and other places you can send your film to to be developed.  There are tons of tutorials online for how to use just about every vintage camera, what size film they take, where to get the film, etc.  You won’t be the first person trying to use whatever model you choose, promise!

If you aren’t on board with figuring out all of this analog stuff, don’t rule out vintage cameras just yet.  You don’t have to look at cameras as solely utilitarian objects.    Some have beautiful design that lends them toward being used as decorative pieces.  They can look adorable perched on a shelf, or placed on top of a stack of vintage books.


Holland Photo Imaging: Photo lab located in Austin, they offer mail in delivery.  Call the shop for directions.

Lomography: Shop offers a wide variety of film

Oh, and evidently you can get 120 film developed at walmart.  This webpage explains how!